Aquascaping is the craft of creating an aesthetically pleasing planted aquarium which incorporates various bits of wood, rock and stones. Aquascaping has been a major growth area within the industry with aquascaping specialists stores and competitions throughout the country. 

Aquatic Specialist can provide you with your very own aquascape. We will design and install a piece of art into your aquarium giving any room a wow factor. We consider all the technical aspects of tank maintenance and the growth of the plants when putting together the design. We can even provide an ongoing maintenance service or provide you with a maintenance plan that will help you keep your aquarium looking great.

We are able to source a large variety of quality plants from our suppliers along with some great dry aquascaping decorations. We can re-aquascape an existing aquarium or even provide a whole new installation. We are able to source a large selection of aquariums from top aquarium manufacturers like Eheim, Clearseal, Hagen, Juwel and Dennerle. If none of those suit then we can provide a custom built aquarium which fits your requirements. 

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If you would like to see us at work we have a video of an installation we did on our YouTube Channel.