Winter Pond Tips

  • Filters require regular cleaning even in winter, how often depends on the size of the filter and the stocking of the pond. As a guide this should be done every 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Filter media (foams etc.) must always be cleaned using water from the pond. Tap water contains chlorine and if used would kill off ‘friendly’ bacteria which brake down fish waste.
  • If the pond is frozen never brake through the ice as this may shock the fish. Melt a small hole daily this will then allow gas exchange between the air and the water.
  • Once the pond temperature is below 10 degrees do not feed. When the fish reach 5 degrees then they are unable to digest food.
  • When replacing water with tap water always use a dechlorinator. Chlorine is toxic to fish.
  • If fish look ill check the water before adding any treatments. Treatments won’t work unless the water is ‘good’ so address the water quality first.
  • Pumps need to be raised off the bottom of the pond. This stops the cooling of the lower warmer levels of the pond.
  • Turn off waterfalls as they can cause cooling of the water.
  • Add a salt treatment in the autumn months. This is a broad range anti-parasite and anti-stress treatment