Summer Pond Tips

    • Filters require regular cleaning, how often depends on the size of the filter and the stocking of the pond. As a guide this should be done every 3 to 6 weeks.
    • Filter media (foams etc.) must always be cleaned using water from the pond. Tap water contains chlorine and if used would kill off ‘friendly’ bacteria which brake down fish waste.
    • Don’t turn filters off. The ‘friendly bacteria’ living in your filter that brake down fish waste require a regular supply of oxygenated water.
    • When replacing water with tap water always use a dechlorinator. Chlorine is toxic to fish. Click on the image below for Amazon UK product link.


  • If fish look ill check the water before adding any treatments. Treatments won’t work unless the water is ‘good’ so address the water quality first.
  • Keep waterfalls running even overnight. In hours of darkness plants don’t give out oxygen but fish, plants and other animals continue to use up oxygen.
  • Warmer water has less oxygen in it. Add a water fountain, waterfall or even an air pump to help oxygen levels.
  • Green water and blanket weed growth can increase during summer months. This is due to increased light and nutrient levels. Add other plants to shade the pond and these will also uptake nutrients too. You may also use an U.v and filter to stop green water. There are many chemical treatments available for both types of algae; you may need to use them with the other measures to reduce growth.


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