Aquarium Tips Part 1

  • Filters require regular cleaning, how often depends on the size of the filter and the stocking of the tank. As a guide this should be done every 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Filter media (foams etc.) must always be cleaned using water from the tank. Tap water contains chlorine and if used would kill off ‘friendly’ bacteria which brake down fish waste. Ammonia is produced by the fish and bacteria in the filter break it down to nitrite and then another strain of bacteria break it down to nitrate.
  • Always use a tap water conditioner like Tetra's AquaSafe when using water from the tap. It removes chlorine which is toxic to the fish.
  • Nitrates are the end product of the filtration process and can build up in the tank to a toxic level. Do regular water changes as this will dilute the build-up. As a guide 20% every 2 weeks but this again depends on the stocking of the aquarium.
  • Don’t over feed, normally a small amount once a day is enough. If the fish look thin then increase feeding.
  • Do regular gravel cleans this will help to reduce solid waste in the aquarium and increase water quality.
  • Don’t turn filters off unless you are cleaning them. The ‘friendly bacteria’ living in your filter that brake down fish waste require a regular supply of oxygenated water.
  • If fish look ill check the water before adding any treatments. Treatments won’t work unless the water is ‘good’ so address the water quality first.